It has always baffled my brain just a little as to how we are so different from MLM Essential Oil Companies and today I was having a conversation with someone who does sell the MLM and it finally hit me exactly how we are different. Yes we do certainly educate people on a variety of subjects such as Spirits, Ghosts, Crystals, Tarot, Runes, Reiki, Energy and Essential Oils. We take our business very seriously which is why we can not stress enough about education and although you can learn quite alot about Essential Oils from reading books, joining groups etc. I felt in order to be taken seriously in a professional manner that I should become an Aromatherapist because after all what exactly does that name actually mean. For me it meant that I wanted to give my clients the best that I can give without selling them a bunch of Essential Oils that they may not even need or even worse may make them ill or allergic.

An aromatherapist is trained in the use of plant extracts aka known as essential oils , to improve a patient’s health and sense of well-being this is the basic meaning that I could find so with that in mind , why would you take the word of someone who does not have the necessary training to help you and get you back to feeling better ? We are not interested in having you join a pyramid like company, we are interested in helping our clients. We do take a professional approach and have our clients fill out a form just as if you were seeing a Dr./Practitioner so that there are no conflicts of other health problems. I use Star West Essential Oils which is not an MLM Co. (nothing to join they get a low price without it) and that is the difference. I know I over stress this but we also want to promote you being very proactive in your own well being. Do your research and we highly recommend not taking any type of Essential Oil from anyone who does not have you fill out a form with all of your current medicines, health conditions and of course the reason you are seeking help. You can easily do research on various Essential Oils that can help you with your current needs, once again we want to stress on being overly careful as a licensed Aromatherapist Essential Oils can conflict with those things which is why you do your research AND use a qualified Professional.

We are Elko, NV first and currently only (we hope that changes) Healing Arts Center, we offer and are qualified and Licensed for Aromatherapy, Reflexology, Reiki, Herbal and very soon Energy Medicine. We are soon going to have another link from our front page to others who are in the same field as we are and we encourage you to feel free to ask for certifications of their various fields. Natural well being use is on the rise and not everyone is the same, do your research and be well.