I am a Certified Reiki Master/Teacher so I will start with this area first. Can anyone learn Reiki ? Yes as it is a Universal Life Energy channeled thru one person to another, promotes self healing for your entire being. I am going to try and keep this part as short as possible because I don’t mind confessing I can talk about it to endless lengths so want to make sure to keep your attention focused on why it is best to use a certified, trained Reiki Professional. As previously mentioned anyone can learn Reiki and just like the other articles I have shared with you the various reasons why you want to be careful about WHOM you choose to let share this gift with you. Again ask for credentials, I have mine framed and in plain site for all to see at all times. If someone asks, and they have, I gladly share with them who I learned from and how to get into contact with them. I have hear of others performing Reiki and I was shocked to find that they are NOT asking about a persons medical history because although Reiki is a very Universal Energy there are just a couple of circumstances when it should not be used and you learn that first hand when you actually take an accredited course.

Crystals, Stones are often used to help with a certain issue that you may be having and yes it is best to use someone who has knowledge of what stone needs to be properly given and used to help balance your self. Clearing your Chakras is a type of energy work connected with Reiki itself but some like to concentrate solely on your chakras with meditation, yoga, and or Energy Work. I know I repeat this ALOT but keep in mind all of these things can be used to better your life but just like anything else, including an aspirin, used too much, improperly OR by an untrained professional and you get subjected to possible harm. Again it is not my intention to discredit anyone but trying to make others aware, as with anything there are many who are untrained and un-knowledgeable. To my knowledge there is not a certain requirement required to use any of these methods to help others. With that in mind sorry to say yes some just will read a book, watch a you tube video and considered themselves ready to go. How do you know WHO to trust ? Well you can book an appointment and give them a try, ask for credentials, ask others that have used that person, or just talk to them in person.

Remember not everyone is going to like all Energy Workers, it doesn’t mean that person is NOT an excellent Energy Worker it just means they are not a right fit for you, along the same lines as Physicians, we like some and others we don’t. Just because something is “natural” does not mean it

doesn’t have side effects if used improperly. So be sure to sign up for a local Reiki Class, learn how to perform this energy on yourself and your friends. Stay tuned more to come.