Certified or not certified, school, or questions questions and more questions on being an Herbalist. Truth is here in the USA : THERE ARE NO REQUIREMENTS OR CERTIFICATIONS TO BE AN HERBALIST. But with that being said let’s think about this for one minute and now would be as good a time as any to point out just a few key points. Currently the FDA does not regulate anything regarding essential oils or herbs so yeah alot of that hype you have been seeing all over about certified, therapeutic, pure, original, grade all a bunch of either coined or copyrighted phrases. Sorry if I have just bursted bubbles but it’s the truth. Although it does not take someone certified to be an herbalist , who would you feel comfortable taking advice from ? Honestly I would prefer someone who has taken the time to go to a creditable course by a teacher that has been practicing herbalist cures themselves. Check out the American Herbalist Guild’s <a href=”http://www.americanherbalistsguild.com/legal-and-regulatory-faqs”>Legal and Regulatory FAQ’s</a> where you will find the actual and factual answers to your most asked questions.

There are several study areas in the Herbalist field so as I mention in my other post, ASK people for the credentials and really if someone can not give them to you OR get’s upset about you asking for them, is that really someone you want to take health advice from ? I am one of those people that will find a beginner and let them “practice” on me because I feel like that is my contribution to the natural way of living world and how else will beginners learn ? How do I know which one to give a chance to , very simple THE HONEST ONES. By that I mean when I ask for credentials and they immediately tell me they are still learning and here is where they are learning, reading, taking courses at and how I can verify that, well those are my kind of people. Of course you are very free to choose who you want to take natural advice from and it isn’t all about knowing where to put a dab of this or that on your temples as there are free charts all over the internet for that. Again as I mentioned in the other post another red flag is someone who will immediately just say oh take this BEFORE asking you about your health history. I can not stress this enough just because it is natural does not mean it doesn’t have side effects OR doesn’t effect a condition you may already have. ALWAYS ask for the side effects, if the person giving the advice can not tell you them then PLEASE do not take anything and look them up yourself.

Not all companies properly train their staff, some do offer 2 -3 hour classes and reward them with a “title” that can be very misleading,so arm yourself with knowledge after all it is YOUR health.