Yes we are all going thru current changes, some of it scary and yet others are welcome changes. Take this time to work on yourself, family, relationships, and spiritual relationships to better your life all the way around. More importantly do your best and yes I know EVERYONE has a different idea on what should be done, how it should be done, who should be doing what etc. Yes even I have opinions but am learning to just keep those mostly to myself to avoid conflict. Send out that positive energy every single day to those who may need it and don’t forget yourself. Often in times like these we get so busy trying to help others that we forget about ourselves. Start out with just 2 minutes, and I say 2 minutes because if you have kids it’s hard to get 5 minutes, but start with 2 minutes and then when possible get another 2 minutes at various times during the day. Before you know it you will have put in at least 10 minutes for yourself. Remember that 2 minutes can be spent just in silence if you want to , make it about YOU.

Carry around your favorite crystal, read a paragraph or even a couple of sentences of a favorite book, go outside if possible and enjoy the sun light. Many times we forget that the little things in short little burst can give us the boost we need to get calm or to keep on going. Make sure to reach out to others even if it’s online or a phone call as the person on the other end may need that contact just as much as we do, so in a way you will be doing both of you a good deed. Find inventive ways to reach out such as the “Howling” at 8pm which I think is awesome and even just go outside and sing or yell , it’s all good hahahaha. We will all get thru this. Sending out positive, healing energy to all of you, hope you are all well and may we all get to the end of this as quickly as possible.