I get told quite often that I am very intimidating ? So like any real person I started to look at that because who doesn’t want to improve themselves right ? To be honest I have never been one to sugar coat anything and yes I realize we are all different but honestly every single person that is intimidated by me constantly says “oh I accept others like they are” UMMM no you do not what you are doing is basically saying as long as you fit into my box of what I feel is acceptable I will like you. Now don’t get me wrong that is perfectly fine if that is how you want to handle your life. That isn’t me and yes I do accept everyone exactly as they are and isn’t that really what you find intimidating about me ?

I have friends from ALL walks of life. Rich, poor, addicts, former addicts, meanies, overly nice, timid, etc. etc. So before you call anyone intimidated I think what you really mean is “hey look at that someone who isn’t afraid to speak their mind”. I don’t mind at all that people say that , they also call me crazy, weird, and a few other names that they don’t really think I know about well SURPRISE people tell me just about everything and guess what that means……I’m trusted and they feel comfortable telling me. Yes they tell me more than what some gossip about. I feel PRIVILEGED and BLESSED to be that person people feel they can come to with whatever problem, feelings, or situations that they have going on.

So next time someone calls you intimidating please think that , you are the chosen one that people feel safe in your presence to come to you for advice or just to unload whatever is bother them and if that is intimidating to you then ok because you know what I will and do accept others for exactly what they are and not what I think they should be. AGAIN I want to repeat this I am privileged and blessed to be that person. Healing energy to you all