We will be doing our best to try and steer you over here to our blog and websites as you have talked to us and we have listened. Not everyone has a “social media” page or even wants one and we understand that. So here we are dusting off our blogs and web pages to make it more convenient for all of you to read when and what you want to. Just sent out our first ever Newsletter and as soon as I figure it out, will be putting up a link for you to sign up for a “monthly” newsletter. I figure more than once a month gets thrown in the spam folder and we want you to read ours. No we will not be selling your information as we don’t like spammers any more than you do.

Be sure to check out our online Reiki School , once again you can learn at YOUR pace and schedule, we certainly believe and understand not being able to attend days of classes (properly done it does take more than a day to learn) to become a Reiki Master. We do use square, Sign up & Pay for Reiki School , if you would like an Online Tarot Reading , of course you can certainly come on in and see us to get one in person, or a Rune Reading 1348 Idaho St inside the Rancho Plaza OR for those of you who would love a very detailed (up to 50 pages sent to your email) Emailed Astrology Reading just click on the links.

We are very excited to get back to business here and hopefully I have seen the last of the cancer and can start back to getting the shop in the shape we want it to be in. It has been one heck of a very interesting journey to say the least.