I have seen these advertised all over , including where I live so I thought ok is this something I should offer and the biggest question, “Does it really work” and my research began. I did find quit a bit of information on how I can buy one, which one is the best, and of course how to use them. The theory behind it is that it can remove “toxic” from your body and that it comes out thru your feet and turns the water various colors, and there may even be some gunk in the water and that is supposedly all the toxic coming out of you and that alone made it worth me researching it .

Sadly the information I found, yes I did a VERY extensive search, the truth is this does not work. Does it relax you OH YES it does, does it remove toxins, NOPE. Many have given this a very good test and found out without feet, or any body parts in the water bath the water still turns that brownish color and that is caused by the electronics that are placed in the water, The water changes color naturally because of the chemical reaction between the electricity and the salt water, not because of toxins. AND this is exactly why I feel they are misrepresented, my train of thought went to our socks. Your feet are a major sweat gland AND if the toxins came out brown, as they show in the water than at some point your socks would really show some of that brownish color that you are being shown in the water.

Should you NOT get the foot bath, NO if it makes you happy and makes you relaxed then I say as always do what makes you happy but the best way is to help remove toxins from your body is to start with your diet.