Well I had to do a little digging to find out exactly what this was and I was pleasantly surprised to find out that it is generally a term used for students or employees of a particular business such as but not limited to a Gym, Fitness Center, College, University, or Health care provider. The basics are to help guide people into a healthier lifestyle that they themselves also live by. In simpler terms someone who eats well, exercises, and takes very good care of themselves. Again not necessary to actually be certified or have a degree in this field. It is another one of those terms that sounds impressive but not so sure I would take the advice of a Health/Wellness Advocate/Coach UNLESS they had some sort of actual health related education such as an R.N., Holistic, Naturopathic, well you get the idea.

They can also be a huge help to just keep you on track/journey of keeping up a healthier lifestyle by either suggestion diet plans and exercising. I may be way off base here and in now way trying to be little anyone, but this is like having a buddy to help you along your way. For example your Significant Other/Friend/Neighbor/Child could be your Health/Wellness Advocate/Coach by encouraging you to eat well and take that long walk every night, which isn’t a bad thing. There are several Health/Wellness Advocate/Coach jobs on the market that do require other bachelor degrees (physical fitness, nursing, various therapist) for the specific job.

Just be careful about “titles” people can easily give themselves, doesn’t mean it is illegal to call yourself a Health/Wellness Advocate/Coach after getting a few hours training, but it does make you wonder a little about how much training people are actually getting before calling themselves these titles. As always ASK the person who is giving you medical advice about their credentials and pay attention to your intuition, if you think it isn’t right check it out. And after that use the internet, of course everything you read or see on the internet is not always true but there is alot of very credible information out there.