***Again when I wrote this I was not yet at that time an Aromatherpist, I know have my Diploma so feel free to ask me any question.

I have felt a need to pass on information to help all of you recognize the difference between “fake” and “fact” of several Health related services. There is alot of stuff going around and I want to make sure that we spread the right information. Let’s start with Aromatherapist. Did you know that it takes approximately 200 or more hours to become a properly educated Aromatherapist ? Don’t be afraid to ask anyone if they are certified and whom they are certified by, it is ok to ask these questions. You want to make positive that you are getting information from someone that is educated in the proper area. I encourage all of you to start taking charge of your own health and to not just believe anyone because they are selling a certain type of oil. Stay tuned as next week I will be giving the info on what it takes to be an Herbalist. Guess this would be a good time to get the old blog going.

What do you do if you are not comfortable taking someone’s advice about essential oils or you question their educational background ? Chances are if you are uncomfortable it is best to trust yourself but take the information such as where they have been certified and check it out, if you check it out and see it was a 2 hour seminar then yes I would seriously re think taking that persons advice on recommendations or advice on how to use an Essential Oil. Another red flag would be not asking you a bit of your medical history. I can’t stress enough that Essential Oils are not all the same and should never be used without the advice of your current medical professional as they can have adverse reactions to your current health and should not be taken lightly. Don’t get me wrong I am a HUGE believer of using essential oils but I am also a strong believer in using them properly. I AM NOT AN AROMATHERAPIST, and I have been using oils for much longer than I care to say. I am concerned with the careless way they are being used currently and decided to do something about it, thus this blog.

My purpose is not to discredit any Essential Oil Company but to educate the users of Essential Oils. Look stuff up, consult with your Dr. AND if you experience any type of side effects such as numbness, upset stomach, skin rash, redness well you get the idea then stop using the oil just as you would for any type of prescription drug. Be careful out there and take your health into your own hands. Next week will tackle what it entails to become an Herbalist and hopefully I can pull off an interview with one in training.