I have been in the “Spiritual” business for a LONG time, well over 40 years. Remember back in the 70’s/80’s if you brought out a Tarot Deck only the brave stayed around to find out. Then you were told OMG you are going straight to hell you better find Jesus etc. etc. ? Some of us are still told that hahahaha, but it has never stopped me from learning all I could. One of the Authors that is no longer with us, Scott Cunningham , in my opinion is the best author and I do have all of his books and I highly recommend you get them and read them. Ok back to the hokey pokey business aka why I want to write these articles.

This is only my side of things, yes it’s my thoughts and opinions on how all of a sudden we are seeing everyone become
Spiritual, REAL, Woke, and the every popular anyone can do it. So to a point yes I do believe that anyone can do it BUTT only if you truly put in the actual time to learn what it entails and not just a one book and a you tube video and taaa daaa all of a sudden you are the Master of all things and this really isn’t my opinion it is what I am seeing and to say it concerns me is putting it lightly. For example would you allow a surgeon who has read a book and watched 2 you tube video operate on you ? Letting someone mess with your spirituality and energy is pretty serious and should not be taken lightly when you seek someone to help you.

Yes there are many of us who were just born with this stuff and we end up figuring it out , sharing our gifts with others BUTT trust me when I tell you it takes a LONG TIME to not only learn how to help others, we also took time to realize we are not crazy. ANYONE that discovers their “gifts” always feel at first that we have lost our damn minds , we also were not super happy about our gifts at first. Which brings me to what is going on right now.

Some of the people that I see popping up all of sudden saying OHHH come to me, let me read you, give you Reiki, clear your energy field & chakras when I know damn good and well for the past 12 years you not only gave me the stink eye about it, called me a fake , just stealing people’s money , a very strange person and more. Yes I payed attention. Now let’s fast forward to current times, the past year I have watched so many that were so against Tarot & Reiki all of a sudden are now believers offering services that I personally KNOW take longer than 6 months to learn, WEIRD. Yes I have been called ohhh she is just jealous…..well trust me I have nothing to be jealous of and I hope NO ONE is jealous of me.

I am concerned , which is why I will be writing these little articles to bring awareness to all of you on how to get with the right practitioner as these practices DO work and I would rather guide you to a good one than a bad one if you know what I mean. Anyways stay tuned I will try to release at least one a week AND feel free to join us at https://www.facebook.com/groups/enlightenedsynergy