I have heard of so many different ways to do this and I am pretty positive everyone has their own way to do it and I will list mine. You can use Sage, Palo Santo wood, incense, and no worries if you are allergic to those you can always just get a Selenite wand, yep a Selenite wand and if I get time I will certainly be posting how to make your own on my YouTube channel so stay tuned.

Now on to how I do it and why I was taught to do it this way:

  1. CLOSE yes I said CLOSE all windows (explanation as to why will be at the end)
  2. Start at the back of house/area.
  3. Think of this as “herding” whatever bad juju/debris/or whatever name
  4. Start clearing and the goal is to get to your front door, don’t open it yet until you have saged your entire area.
  5. BEFORE opening your door clear around the inside of your door, now open the door, RE-clear around the door.
  6. Still clearing walk outside door, face door/opening and RE-Clear again
  7. Now close the door and Re-Clear again
  8. Still clearing walk off of your front area to the edge of your property. If you are living in an apartment walk as far from your front area as possible.
  9. DO NOT worry you are not throwing unruly cooties into the Universe, the Universe will naturally take care of it.
  10. Still clearing , clear yourself and now re enter your Home/area close door
  11. Leave everything closed up for at least a half hour or more, and that’s it

AGAIN the reason for leaving all closed is so that whatever it is you are trying to get rid of doesn’t jump back in, which has been known to happen, once your have cleared one area. The “herding” guarantees that it can’t just jump back in. Hope this has been helpful to you