I think this question has been talked about for years and yet there never seems to be a clear cut answer. I did talk to various people some who say no you can not play with Tarot Cards and believe in the Bible at the same time. There has currently been a trend amongst one religion who know feels they have discovered Crystal Magic & Reiki and yes we all know they did not discover it but I do know their Priest are none to happy about it and continually remind those who are practicing it to stop, YES I did talk to several Fathers/Priest of various faiths and not one said “oh it’s all good” as a matter of fact they truly believe that it is the work of the devil and should not be used for any purpose. Which brings me to the question do others REALLY know their faith or are they all just showing up on Sunday thinking well I was a jerk all week but alls good now ?

I love being Spiritual and truly believe this is exactly how we were to believe as Paganism was the first belief system and then Christianity came second. Through out time, they really spread gossip about how bad spirituality was and well if you went to church you know the drill. Thankfully many others kept it alive and now I feel like there will be a new type of belief system formed out of the two into one. We know now that the much talked about Reiki now has proof that it actually works Reiki Benefit and I do believe that some of the various churches are now allowing that since it is a healing method. As far as Crystals go , pretty sure the church is on the fence about that. Again I encourage you to KNOW your faith, talk to your Fathers/Priest before making a decisions.

I don’t think the churches have control of the people like they use to, so many are following their own versions of spirituality/christianity right now which is really leading to a more enlightened society. Many will argue that our world is now a hot mess without “God” in it but you all forgot that there are over 18,000 gods in the world but only one is a true one ? I have always believed it’s a group effort and one diety is not in charge clearly. No matter what you believe in or don’t believe in this was a very interesting little research thought provoking subject.

I personally don’t believe in the Bible at all. I look at it as a nice piece of fiction that has a few good pointers but to use it as a guide to live is certainly not possible. It’s time for all to accept that there are many others ways, belief systems, and more that are out there and it’s a good idea to take a look because you already participate in all the Pagan Holidays and various other things that have long been practiced and are clearly not christian. Blessed Be to you