I am slowly getting use to not having to open a shop every day and with that being said I have been trying to figure out how to pull it off online so there will be more blog post starting with that question “Who do you think you are ?” I have been asked that SEVERAL times in my life and if you have been asked that as well I want you to answer it. Take some time and really think about it, write it down and think about it some more. Now why would I want you to do that and honestly why would you even want to give an answer to that type of question ? I truly believe we learn something by every single thing that happens to us, I actually learned the most by being asked that very question and decided I needed to jump back in here and start with that very question. Everytime I am asked that question I can answer it, yes most people are shocked that why yes I do know exactly who I am and I want all of you to know who you are as well. Does that make any crazy sense ?

I do not lock myself into one category because I don’t think but KNOW who I am. If I had to put names on it they would include, but not limited to: Witch, Spiritual, Healer, Educated, Magical, Kind, Loving, Helpful, and SASSY, just to list a few. I realized a long time ago that I have a huge purpose here that includes being responsible for this magical life I have always lived. Being who I am comes with ALOT of responsibilities which include sharing knowledge. Do I know everything ? Of course I don’t , I’m constantly learning, experiencing, and sharing. That is part of not only my responsibility but will be yours as well. For me there is just something so empowering about helping/healing others. Yes I did close my business but that doesn’t mean I stop doing what I have done for the past 40 plus years, yes it’s been that long. My shop was open for 10 years but I have been a magical scholar so to speak for the entire time.

Enough about me let’s get back to you, I want to encourage you to really think hard about that question “WHO DO YOU THINK YOU ARE” and if you come up with some negative things, then redo. I want you to think hard on it and dig deep , throw out the negative and reach for the positive. Remember you can be who you want to, things don’t happen over night, takes alot of hard work and if you already know who you are, please reach out to others and help them get there. Don’t forget to really pat yourself on the back for your accomplishments. Yes I know we are not suppose to do that but we NEED to , so the next time someone ask you that question you go right ahead and tell them who you are. If you need a little assistance on figuring it out, please feel free to join us at Elko Enlightened Synergy