Excuse our dust as we work hard to bring you …ONLINE COURSES….We are so excited about this.  Now to work out all the kinks and trying to learn a new program because we do take all of your information very seriously, we want to make POSITIVE no one but us will see your private info.  We will get it all worked out and as soon as possible you will be able to take courses online here on YOUR time and YOUR pace. We also have an actual Tarot & Astrology Program that we can do a reading for you and send the results to your email for you to keep **Remember we will need your email, time and date of birth to get the most accurate reading.  Last but not least is our Reiki Masters Program where you will get access to the reading material needed to become a Certified Reiki Master online, have access to us during our regular business hours, 401 Railroad St, Ste 203 Tuesday to Friday 9am to 4:30 pm and of course via Facebook Enlightened Synergy or email elkoreiki @ yahoo.com (this is so spammers can’t just grab the email) and that will include all 3 levels all 4 attunements as it does include animals, several extras and Masters/Teacher.

We are trying hard to help you succeed as we know ourselves life is busy so our thought process was to let you read when you want to and come talk to us when you need to.  Of course an appointment will be needed to get your attunements and if you happen to need a weekend appointment, no problem there will not be an extra charge for that.  Yes our price is quite low but we really do believe that the more Reiki Masters we put out there the better our town will be.  If you are still not sure if this is for you, please do come in and talk to us .